The Blue Room Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA


“I always feel like there’s something magic in recording studios,” he says. “There’s a reason good music continues to be made in them. It’s just some mojo element.” – Rick Rubin

It is our passion to provide recording artists with a comfortable studio environment, exceptional service and hospitality, and a wide variety of powerful production tools to help aid the creative process. We strive to work with artists that want to make timeless music at the highest production level possible in any genre.

Our objective is to influence the music industry in a positive and ethical way and set a new bar for authenticity, transparency, and integrity.

The Blue Room recording studios, located in Hollywood, Ca, is a boutique music production, recording, and mixing studio that offers a world class creative experience catering to the best in music.  Blue Room West offers artists full access to an exclusive private locked down facility conveniently located in Hollywood, California.


Our engineers have learned through a rigorous in-house training process. We pride ourselves in having some of the best engineers around. Not only are they proficient with all aspects of modern recording, they are also extremely high character, hardworking, and passionate. When you work at Blue Room, we want you to feel like you are a part of our team, and we want you to trust that we will do our best to help you in any way possible on your creative journey.

Our staff

Engineer/Mixing Engineer/Owner: James Kang

Engineer: Anthony Vega


Studio Assistant: Evan Swayne

Assistant Engineer: Austin Patton (picture coming soon)

Studio Assistant: Jason Williams

Engineer: Blake Harden (not pictured)

Engineer: Israil Ali (not pictured)

Owner/producer/musician: Bill Jabr (not pictured)